Rouli's sale produces a winning result.

Readying the business for sale meant that Rouli was in great shape when it was time to find a buyer.

Before engaging Kev Ryan, Rouli van der Linde had spent the previous two years redesigning the team structure and client relationships to ensure both were less reliant on her. This positioned her business very well as an attractive acquisition. But Rouli placed the highest importance on finding the right acquirer, not just any buyer. Rouli says "It was really important to me to find the right fit for the team and the clients. Kev understood this day one. He really listened."

Market knowledge and intel is what makes transactions successful. Utilising a close relationship with the management team of Carbon Group, an "off market" discussion was initiated.

"Kev knew the best and likely one. But he also introduced two other potential parties... It gave me peace of mind that we were heading down a path with the right acquisition partner."

Rouli van der Linde
What was the result?
The key to successful Practice sales is knowing where to find the 'fit'. This ensures outcomes are maximised for all parties.

For the client, the sale has meant a new Managing Partner that has the same passionate and caring approach to businesses as Rouli. Clients can now also access a range of other business services that were not previously on offer, enabling them to reach their business goals sooner.

For the team, the sale has meant more opportunities within a national firm for upskilling, career progression and monetisation through an excellent bonus scheme. They also have access to a greater support network across the nation and great internal programs for mental wellbeing, which is a cause close to Rouli's heart.

"I'm now able to take some time off to focus on my personal life before deciding what the next step will be. I'm delighted with the result and so glad Kev was with me every step of the way."

Rouli van der Linde

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