Peter's work and life are now more enjoyable.

Peter Howe was dealing with those issues all too familiar to those alone in Practice.

Peter's non-business related issues could have easily undone his life's work. Being a Sole Practitioner is difficult at the best of times, so these issues, combined with the never ending requirements of clients, saw Peter suffering from a lack of time to work 'on' his firm.

He was in danger of falling behind. Relentless staff training demands, the admin burden and the pressure to stay up to date with technology had Peter searching for a solution.

"I knew I needed to find someone to help me stay up to date, take the noise away and free me up to get back out to my clients."

Peter Howe
What was the result?
Finding the right merger alleviated stress, addressed the issues and offered sustainability.

Knowing Peter Howe's local market, Kev Ryan facilitated the initial introduction and transaction with Anthony Sinclair, an established and successful local accountant that could see the value of Peter's experience and the commercial benefits to arise from the 'tuck-in' of his client base.

Now, years into the relationship and both parties remain happy and continue to benefit from the merger. While Peter spends less days in the office, he's enjoying being around new people and thus new ideas. His clients are also pleased, as he's out to see them rather than stuck behind a desk.

"I've extended my career, secured a clear path to retirement and guaranteed an exit payment. I couldn't be happier. I should have done it earlier."

Peter Howe

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